We offer filter housings used in many applications in the coolant, commercial, marine, hydraulic, and industrial filtration industries.  Housings  are  available  in  a  wide  range  of  materials,  pipe  sizes, and  pressure  ratings. Simplex housings or duplex housings readily available using filter bags or filter cartridges with your choice of mediums.   Also available are custom fabricated housings to meet your specifications with many types, sizes, and micron ratings of filter bags or cartridges to meet your needs.
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Liquid/solids separation with flow rates from as little as 3 gpm to as high as 12,750.  Can be used as a pre-filter to your filter bag or cartridge vessels, or your primary filtration solution. Sized for full flow or can be sized for a partial slip stream. Applications include cooling towers, food processing, nozzle protection, commercial wash systems, reclaiming of fry oils, plant intake water, sand and grit removal from source water, heat exchanger protection, and many more.  Can be manual  or  automated.
Removal of water from hydrocarbons, removal of oil from water, removal of amine from hydrocarbons, Removal of water from solvents are typical applications for our coalescers.  Micron ratings from 0.5 absolute to 70 micron absolute.  Capable of very high flow rates with a single 80” cartridge exceeding 600# gpm.   Cartridges can typically reach a  high solids loading of 75#. Pressure ratings ranging from 200 psig to 2220 psig. Can duplex filter vessels and provide the necessary instrumentation  and  valving  required.
We have a  wide  range  of   paint  booth  filter  products  for  industrial, commercial, automotive,  and aerospace applications.  Fiberglass, polyester, expanded paper, accordian, ond honeycomb design of paint arrestors,   intake  and  exhaust  filtration,  cartridges used in powder filtration, 95% efficient multi-cell final filters for powder booth applications,  pocket bag filters, floor paper, as well as frames and grids.  Personal safety air purifying respirators and filters also available.
Water quality is critical to achieve great tasting ice and beverages such as drinking water, fountain drinks, coffee, and Espresso.  Everpure is the most widely known and accepted food service  filtration  equipment manufacturer to effectively  remove sediment, chlorine, taste and odor, scale build-up, bacteria and viruses, and  the reduction of lead and cysts. Single, twin, triple, and quad head systems available for all your applications, protecting your food service equipment and assuring consistent premium water quality.
Baldwin has  a full line of excellent lube oil, air, fuel, hydraulic, coolant, and cabin air spin-on filters.  In addition to these spin-on filters, the DAHL system is designed with a dual chamber, 3-stage separator which results in virtually 100% of water and most dirt to be separated from the fuel. As a global leader in this field, we can solve most any problem in the field by providing their quality products. See Cross Reference index to standardize on all your spin-on filters.  
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