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Our  HVAC  filtration products will be installed by the experts at Filtration & Equipment Co, Inc.,  in a safe and timely manner. 

We have found over the years, filter change-outs all too often can be set aside “for a better day” or not done at all.  You may be short-handed due to layoffs or have no one specifically assigned to take care of this task; therefore, it just does not get done.  

To avoid very costly equipment repairs or equipment replacements with today’s high labor rates, we  offer a solution for  our customers. Let us set you up on a scheduled Filter Install Program.  Our programs are very successful and have a proven track record.  We will first determine what your needs are and then select the filter program that best matches those needs.  We will discuss the products we offer and which ones that will work best for your applications.  Are you in an industrial plant, on a construction site, in a hospital, a school district, or maybe a commercial building?  Because of high traffic areas, one customer may need monthly change-outs, whereas another customer may only require quarterly change-outs.   An up-to-date filter list and/or a “walk-thru” of your facility will enable us to offer you a proposal that will:

  Guarantee you that your filters will be changed out
              on time every time!
  Assure quality air for your Company.
  Assure only the best filtration products for you.
  Provide reliability and dependability.
  Allow your personnel to focus on more critical and 
              pressing issues.
  Save $$$ on maintenance budgets.
  Or can even save $$$ on the hiring of personnel
              and benefits expenses.

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